My naturopath is a 5th generation doctor from India.  He practices a combination of conventional and integrative medicine.  He has also traveled extensively to help sick people all over the world.  He explained that all muscular dystrophy patients lack enzymes.  He also said their livers are overworked and require supplements to detoxify and regenerate them, and that there are ways to manipulate gene expression through supplements.  Here is what he prescribed for my (almost) 3 year old son:

Enzyme tablet before each meal

DNA/RNA Supplement 2 times a day

Selenium 1/4 tablet

Wheat germ or Vitamin E

Liver Detox and Regeneration 1/4 capsule

1 children's multivitamin

Use Xylitol as a sugar substitute when needed.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits and do not use oil based supplements because they over work the liver.  All vegetables should be lightly steamed.

Here is where I will be buying the supplements:

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Has he worked with DMD kids and seen any imporments or were he able to buy time for them? Thanks.

I assume it depends on each case, however he told me to come back in a year and get new genetic tests to compare. He believes there will be a definite change.

thanks Tammy , keeps us posted.

He says ask your DMD specialist or pediatrician to have their enzyme levels tested.  Without enzymes, our boys cannot absorb the nutrients they need.  I read about DNA/RNA supplements and they actually use these in baby formula to help support the immune system and build the digestive system.  The liver detox is a given, all dmd boys have high liver enzyme counts.  I think the selenium helps assist the vitamin E, a vital antioxidant.  In lab tests, if you take away vitamin E in mice/rabbits, they have the same degenerative muscle atrophy as DMD boys. 

Hi Tammy,  We do not see enzyme deficiencies in Duchenne.  Liver enzymes are elevated because of the muscle degeneration, though there are no acute or chronic signs of lives disease.     Many of the boys take supplements, though there have been no clinical trials and much depends on the financial resources of their families.   Sincerely, pat

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