We're thinking of an Easy Stand in addition to my son using his scooter and having a manual wc on order.  He fell in March and just not up on his feet since with his back and muscles too tight.  He can lean on us when getting up but not up real long.  Docs at Cinncy say he needs to stand either with us, EasyStand or down the road with power wc.  They thought EasyStand would be good since we could get it ASAP.


Input please.


Patti Frank

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we have easy stand, austin uses it, but doesnt like the sensation. i would say its a good idea, and helps keep him stretched out, i insist he uses it on a regular basis
What kind of sensation? How old is Austin?
In working with special needs kids I have always liked the easier stander.that being said I have only worked with a few duchenne patients.The thing I like about the easy stand is how easy it is to transfer from w/c to it and that depending on how tight the legs are on any given day you can adjust the degree of standing.
Its a stretching sensation, which is sometimes uncomfortable, but good. I use one at work with some of our patients.
Our school district purchased easy stand for Jacob 2 weeks ago.. We are now in the process of paper work to insurance for one to use at home. It has many benefits . On their website they have benefits listed to help people to apply in insurance .

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