Is this kind of device help the DMD users to move there arm easily , even if there hand was too weak just like my hand. 

Is there any one use this device? 

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That looks like a Jaeco arm.  I inquired about it on Facebook in one of the larger groups, there were some people that had used them before, with varying levels of success.  

This device is what's called a passive assist.  There's no motors in it.  The rubber bands you see in the picture are adjusted to   balance out the weight of your arm.  If you pick anything up, and have limited muscle strength - you won't be able to hold it up.  It also has a narrow range of motion, and can be cumbersome.  Most people told me they used it for a while, but it was more trouble than it was worth - I didn't find anyone that was using it regularly, for an extended period of time.

If you find anyone with DMD that has - I'm very interested in talking to them, please contact me.

A researcher at NJIT in the US is looking at ways to improve this type of device by adding motors.

The Jaco I've seen is motorized and controlled by control pad on the chair.

Check this out. The young lady is a star, an inspiration to us.

We are saving money for one.

This robotic arm cost about 35000 $ !
Its fantastic but too much costly !

I found this site sells arm support with motors cost about 6000$ ,but i the sells cant guaranty that it would be fixed for me , so i cant knew what to do , so i asked this question here ......

Jaco and Jaeco are different companies, believe it or not. The jaco is a remotely operated arm. Not attached to the body. I talked to someone that owns one, the controls sounded pretty complicated,and the arm was slow. That was a while ago, maybe they've improved it. It's a difficult controls problem in the first place, but the gal in the video seems to move it around pretty well. They're expensive, as ameer says...

The njit concept assisted your motion, without an external control. It supplemented your motion. The elemento on he armon site looks like it might do that, but the other one looks like it has a control pad.

We were shown a short demo on an mechanical arm assist called WREX.  Does anyone have experience or know if this equipment is helpful?

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