Do Schools Lie to Parents? Why Would the School Court Order a Transfer NOW so close to the end of the year?I don't Understand the Rush

Has anyone had their sons' school court order an immediate transfer, without the parents choosing the new school? Our son stopped working. Terribly disrespectful. He walks out on the teacher. His dad and I have been in a messy custody situation. We have joint custody and don't agree on anything and I'm wondering if they just sick of us. If they would have asked me I could explain the work refusal and behavior.

The end of first grade it was just me in school. He had the highest marks in work habits and social skills

This year Im at school every other week and he has a lawyer, caregiver, behaviorist, his father, his wheelchair and a 3/4 split in his school. . It's obvious to me why he gave up. He has no choices and no voice. Nor do I

I mentioned casually he can't walk up the ramp to PE, please have his aide make sure he doesn't blow off his chair. I didn't think anything of it

Later an email showed up that must have gone out to the whole district there were so many people on the cc. It seemed too formal and like documenting for themselves. I said it so casually and this formal long email came in. It seemed not necessary.

And a bus is court ordered. Can that even happen? It's not needed. We live close. But my son wants a small school and a small class. Not a small class in a big busy school.

My son's whole life is court ordered now. Court orders therapist, school, bus, caregiver on his dad's weeks, which slays me because I'm home.

They aren't getting that 2 homes, the eteplirsen infusion, and weeks and rights in weeks of custody and court ordered schools and strangers after school in stead of coming home is really, really destructive

Can we even u court order a court order? Should I bring in an advocate?

What could be the benefit of the disruption and anxiety of new kids, class, routine, teacher and a bus right now? I'm suspicious of the rush.

Any insight?

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This is very odd. Was it his father pushing to get him to a different school? Do you have an attorney?

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