dmd and microcephaly. any other dmd patients with other issues?

i dont even know whitch category to put this discussion in...


my son was diagnosed with duchenne in march.  we had been seeing a neurologist because he also had microcephaly.  we were sent to genetics to see if we could find the problem with his head size and thats how we got our dmd diagnosis.


i kinda put the microcephaly on the back burner until yesterday at his 2 year well check, we learned that his already small head hasnt grown at all in 6 months. 


my question is, does anyone else have the diagnosis of muscular dystrophy and something like microcephaly?  i feel like they have to be related, i just dont know how...  and im just wondering if were the only ones, or if anyone else is going through anything similar. 


thanks for reading my rambles.

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Ramble on, friend. That is what we are here for.
Microcephaly is certainly not a problem with my DMD son. His head is big. When they measure it we always joke that his head is as big as a neurologist's.
It will be interesting to find out if microcephaly is more prevalent in Duchenne. I believe the incidence of learning problems is (if I can remember everything I have read about this disease.)
Thanks for responding! The craziest part is that even with both problems that can potentially cause learning disabilities, he is actually above average for speech and right on track with all of his other milestones... I just don't get it, I feel like they have to be related, what are the odds that he has two rare disorders that have nothing to do with the other? Nothing about this stuff is fun... :(.

How old is your son? Hope he's doing well! And again, thanks for reaching out!

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