Hey guys. My daughter Halee needs some help. SHe is doing a research paper over the emotional impact of dmd on the boys and their families. Halee is very interested in this topic since she knows how hard it is for her and her sister to deal with Jusitins having DMD. She has a list of questions for parents, siblings, and the boys. If the boys are too young and you dont want to ask them, feel free to skip those questions or answer based on their behavior and what they talk about. If you can help us out, please email me at Kmhjk8@aol.com or send me a message on here. The answers do not hav to be detailed, just basic answers will do. Halee is Justins older sister. She graduated high school early, in January. She is 17(will be 18 in June) and she is now attending college full time working towards a nursing degree. Justin is now almost 14 and these teenage years and emotions combined with a loss of alot of upper body strength is hitting him hard. Thats why Halee really got interested in this as her research project. It is for her Human Growth and Development Class.




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Hi Samantha,

I would be happy to answer Halee's questions if she's still working on this project. My son (w/DMD) is nearly 3 years old and his big sister is 5. Rain (my son) has been extremely physically developmentally delayed and it's been an interested trip through diagnosis, family history, and lots and lots of therapies. My phone number is 970-219-8337 or my email is Ivy.COfaces@parentprojectmd.org.

We are willing to participate. Xavier is 8 with DMD, once I see the questions we can see which ones we are willing to discuss with him and which one's we will answer for him. My husband and I love to help out with things like this. I am a nurse and it's great that your daughter (your brilliant daughter I might add) is pursuing nursing! Home email is jlshumsky@comcast.net
I'm also willing to help out. abbyplustwins at gmail dot com
I would be happy to respond to Halee's questions. My son is 9 and diagnosed with DMD just last year. I would be happy to do this. My email is chris.stalling@gmail.com
we are willing to be part of this too. my son Ryan is 12 yrs old. , he is the youngest of 4 boys and the only one in our fa mily with DMD.
Hi Samantha, I would be happy to help out too. My son is 13 yo and just started using power chair full time. My daughter is going to be 15 next month and I have an 11 yo son (no DMD). kiminnabi@hotmail.com
I see you already have many people willing to help, but my son Trey is 5 and was diagnosed about 6 months ago and boy has our life changed...he has a sissy that is only 4 months old and I found out he potentially had it 1.5 months before my due date. We are a Navy family which means alot of travel and alot of time without daddy which effects the situation as well. Feel free to send over and I will send it back to coristeingraeber@gmail.com

I would be happy to help as well. My son is 4 and was diagnosed when he was 3. He has an older sister that is 16 . Feel free to email me at joanne.hathcoat@yahoo.com
Hi we will also participate. Christopher is 3 1/2 we are expecting our second child at the end of the month. You can reach us at Rosalia002@verizon.net
I am also willing to participate. We have two boys affected Craig is 7yo and Marc is 4yo.
My phone # is 908-789-2186 email is ginamanning@comcast.net
Thank you

Rosalie said:
Hi we will also participate. Christopher is 3 1/2 we are expecting our second child at the end of the month. You can reach us at Rosalia002@verizon.net
Thank all of you so very much! between all of you guys and other parents I talked to we got all the questions filled out that we needed! Halee thanks you so much!


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