My son's physician wrote us a prescription for deflazacort and I am looking to touch base with other families that have started their child on this medication. Our son is 10 and he is at the stage where simple tasks such as getting up off the floor, and walking up.stairs is basically impossible. I would like to know if anyone had any trouble getting this medication since it is not provided in the U.S. I've been having trouble faxing the prescription as well as communicating with the overseas distributor. Has anyone notice any major side effects with this medication since starting their child on it? Any feedback is helpful, thanks.

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Hi ,

I am in Dallas.Which hospital/doctor in Texas you got prescription for Deflazacort as childrens hospital is not prescribing this steroids,please reply as soon as you can

Veronica E. said:

Max has been on Deflazacort for about four months and is doing really well. We noticed a definate increase in strength -- he used to put his hand or elbow on his knees to stand from a sitting position and he rarely does that anymore. He has been throwing more fits but we're not sure if that's from Deflazacort or normal 3 1/2 year old stuff. The other side effects I've noticed is increased hunger and hair growth -- his little back looks a little hairier than it used to.

We get the Deflazacort from Masters Marketing in England and have had zero problems with the two orders we've placed. Starting our boys on Deflazacort is definately a hard decision! Take care.

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