Can anyone tell me if they have had any luck getting military to pay for Deflazacort?  Trey (now 5.5) is starting on steriods on Friday and the doc said she wouldn't have a problem with Deflazacort vs. Prednisone at all...


But I am kind of wondering if they have it behind the pharmacy or whether it will need to be ordered (if that is the case I will need to get in touch with Tricare)...I am assuming since we have bases all over the world they may have it right there at the military hospital (we are in San Diego). 


Does anyone know if they have it right there or not?


Thanks, Cori

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You know, I dont know the anser for sure, and I do think it is an interesting question....BUT....Tricare is still an American Insurance company, so my guess is they will only pay for FDA approved drugs. Good luck!!
Because it is not FDA approved it is not even in our pharmacies in the USA. It can be ordered from Canada, or the UK. You can try going over the border to TJ and ask, but I would get a prescription from your Dr. because they will ask for it at the border. It is risky buying pharmaceuticals in Mexico though. Your best bet is just getting it through Masters Marketing in the UK. I do it online, but must use Credit card. No reimbursement at all.
Thanks ladies, that is what we will probably end up doing, I just know that there are lots of Air Force bases in the UK (norfolk, cambridgeshire, oxfordshire. etc)...was wondering if even if it is a base overseas (and a US base) whether they have different standards for what they can prescribe...

I know it is crazy and we can afford it...was just hoping maybe we could get it through our insurance. And we aren't allowed to go down into Mexico right now (no military or military families) due to the border wars and apparently it is a bit nasty down there (I don't know that I would trust the medication anyways to be honest with you)...

Thank again =) Cori

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