I have ordered Deflazacort from UK through Master for 4 years. But now suddenly, they request License from Pharmacy. In our country only big pharmaceutical company can import meditation (The meditation visa need to be approved by government). Don't know how to get now. Anybody can give me some advice? Much thanks.

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What does Master's say about it? I know one manufacturer is Sandoz, perhaps their license will please the government?

Hi Andrea. They said "The license we need is the pharmacy license and a license that allows the pharmacy to import the medication." They used to supply me Deflazacort manufacturered by Sandoz-Spain. Sandoz have office in Vietnam, but I don't think they can supply deflazacort due to some commercial terms (only prednisone is available in Vietnam).

This question not totally on track with subject matter, but still important. Will current Deflazort customers (in U.S. @ least) need to obtain Physician Personal Importation Request Letter, or are we "covered" for the time being?

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