Novartis Receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for BYM338 (Bimagrumab) for Sporadic Inclusion-Body Myositis (sIBM)

About BYM338 (bimagrumab) and the Novartis commitment to research in muscle therapeutics

BYM338 (bimagrumab) is a novel, fully human monoclonal antibody developed to treat pathological muscle loss and weakness. BYM338 was developed by the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR), in collaboration with Morphosys, whose HuCAL library was used to identify the antibody. BYM338 binds with high affinity to type II activin receptors, preventing natural ligands from binding, including myostatin and activin. BYM338 stimulates muscle growth by blocking signaling from these inhibitory molecules. In addition to being developed for sIBM, BYM338 is in clinical development for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer cachexia, sarcopenia and in mechanically ventilated patients. BYM338 is administered by intravenous infusion.

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yes it could help Duchenne boys, but how is this drug different then Acceleron and Shire's ACE-031 that they decided to stop I think because of headaches and nosebleeds.   ACE-031 also used antibody blocking activin type llB receptors.



Excellent!  So, i think this could be a good news for duchenne community.

anybody find any info on animal studies?

PPMD summary of Acceleron and Shire's ACE-031

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