I have been recently layed off work and the crazy thing about it is my employer heartlesly did it on the phone with me when on compasionate leave to care for my son. They are the ones that granted me sick leave and this is what I get. It makes me sick that big companies can do that and treat you like you are a number so I am giving my company name to you guys because I beleive in word of mouth. THe Company name is Compass Group they are a world wide catering company and they are in our hospitals in our malls they are everywhere.

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When I was a supervisor we were told never lay off someone who is pregnant or on a medical LOA as there was severe federal ramifications. I think they were worried about discrimination lawsuits. I never had the situation come up so I don't know allot about it but it might be worth checking into. I wonder if the workmans comp office might have info on it?

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