I'm very frustrated as is my 18 yr old son. We need to figure out something to regulate his constipation. He can still eat almost everything but we can't figure out what to take to keep him regular. We've tried several things. In the perfect world for him he would only have to have a BM once a week. The way it is now, he may not have a full BM every three to four weeks but will have accidents almost daily. However he still thinks it's fine and that I'm over reacting to large lump in his abdomen. He also doesn't want to have a BM every day.Any suggestions? Please help. He doesn't want to go to the doctor again. The last doctor did an xray that showed alot of stool in his colon. He prescibed the Nitrate which worked that time but so far this time it only got it started and then it stopped. What to do?


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Have you tried a week-long trial of Miralax at bedtime and sitting him on the pot at the same time every day? My son is 29 and goes like clockwork every morning. This was only because we started a bowel routine when he was 8. He has never had to go during school or work hours. Now, as the elimination muscles are weaker, his body is programmed to go. He is on 1/2 dose of Miralax which he needed to start about 2 years ago. We will increase it to a full dose if ever neccessary. It may take 2-4 days of nightly Miralax before results are seen as it is a cumulative process. If your son is happy not going everyday there is nothing wrong with every other day or so--but weeks is not good, esp. if there is leakage around a solid lump. I hope others have more ideas that might help, but the Pavlov's dogs reaction is important here--just for a different end than Pavlov sought for those dogs.


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