to you and information please....I know many of you, and I
trust and love you all..I am having increased trouble with transfers,
and so I am looking into ceiling lifts for my bathroom and bedroom. I
have already had a couple of meetings with companies...but I am
wondering about anything you guys use, or have had trouble
with...including slings..for those that don't know me, I am about 5'4"
and weigh 120 lbs.
I am also very handsome and tons of fun to be with.haha.
you may also email me at:
Pat Moeschen

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We have a barrier free lift. I believe the name of the product is Barrier Free. The sling is cloth and is very easy to use. We have a straight track in my son's room so it is constantly charging. I have it installed in the ceiling directly over his bed and I can line up his power chair if I am transferring between chair and bed or I can line up the commode chair if we are transferring between those items. My son is now 21 and is about 5 10 and weighs about 100lbs. It has worked great for about 8 years.
Hi Pat,
We also use the Barrier Free Lift. Here is the URL

I would recommend the portable ceiling lift, so you can have ceiling tracks in multiple rooms. We have tracks in our son's bedroom, bathroom, and living room. His sling has 6 points-which I would recommend too and make sure it has head support.

We also purchased the Molift Smart (for when we travel). Here is the URL.

This lift has been the greatest to travel with. It fits in our minivan and also comes with an enclosed case if you ever want to bring it on an airplane.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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