I am not sure I have seen any discussion regarding cateracts. My son had his eye check up today and the doc said that he is starting to develop cateracts, most likely side effect of steroids. He realies that stopping the steroids may not be an option, however would be sending a note to Dr. Wong about changing the steroid and or lowering the dosage.

Please share any info you may have regarding the cateracts in our kids. Do you go for changing the steroid regime or let the cateracts deteriorate and go for the operation. Any operation, scares the heck out of me!

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Dear Bains

My son will be 17 in Sept. He has cataracts. He has had them for quite a while. We did not lower his steriods and are not getting an operation. What is your sons age, dosage and how long has he been on steroids? My son wears a cap and wrap around sunglasses when we go out. Inside the house he can see fine. He uses a computer, reads and watches TV without any problem. We found that once we left his dosage for the steroid the same he did not get any more cataracts.


Thank you. My son is 8 1/2, and on steroids for 1 1/2 years now. He is on Defalzacort 3/4th tablet of 30 milligram. We will be monitoring the progression of the cataracts closely. When did it start for your son?

My son just turned 8 in July and has been on deflazacort for almost three years. His current dose is also 3/4 of a 30mg. tab. At his last eye appt. in June the Dr. noticed the beginning of a cataract in his left eye. He said it was extremely tiny and would most likely be very slow growing. He anticipated it would be years before any treatment would be necessary. He did contact Dr. Wong about it to get her take, and there were no changes made to his steroid regimine. Just annual monitoring for now.

My son has been on calcort for 2 1/2 years. He is 7.5 and on 18 mg. We just had our first check up last week and no
signs of cataracts...but she did say we should be checked yearly and that they do grow fast.

Thanks all. Our eye doctor said that it may grow very fast or stay the same or grow slowly. Last check up 9 months back, he was fine. We will follow up after 4 months to see if the progression is rapid or slow.

My son started steroids at 8 1/2. He got cataracts after 2 years. They were small and have increased each time we increased his steroid dosage. He has had them for 7 years and we are not having them removed. Johnny has very limited problems from the cataracts at this time.

Thanks for sharing info.
My son is 13 years and he had cataracts in both eyes. He went through surgery on both eyes. Given the other issues, this is nothing. My son takes 30 mg of deflazacort
Justin is 13.4 yrs old and has been on steroids for 7yrs. He just had his eye checkup and just now has a very tiny start of a cataract.


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