Wasn't sure if I should put this here or in Research...

Has anyone heard of / tried using expressed Breastmilk as a supplement for our boys (outside of infancy)?

I have always been a huge supporter of breastfeeding and try to really educate friends and family with infants about the amazing benefits that come along with breastmilk that science just can't recreate; and the other day it dawned on me that it could possibly be of great benefit to our boys (immune systems especially for those of us who have them on steroids) to get daily doses of expressed breast milk like other supplements that are given. Adult Cancer patients have been using it for years and many swear by it.

I've bounced the idea off a few different people who say that it definately can't hurt, and have been trying to see if there's any solid research out there on it's use for older kids and adults, but haven't found much at all. I will most likely e-mail Dr. Wong about it and see what she thinks; but I'm curious if any of you have heard anything at all about it as a possibility for our boys (or others with chronic illness/disabilities).

The best part (in my thought process right now) is how this is something that *I* could do to help. It takes time and effort, but it is possible to induce lactation even if you've never given birth; the only expense would be investing in a good pump.

Any thoughts/opinions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I have wondered about bovine colostrum supplements. Any thoughts?
Interesting idea! I did breastfeed and then Kelvin stayed on formula until he was about 3 1/2 years old, which, I'm sure has helped him, more than plain milk. It has a lot more vitamins. Kids in Belize, where my husband is from, stay on formula until 3 or 4, and get this, doctors from the US and other parts of the world tell them to, because of the vitamins and helping with immunity. Why ours don't, I can't guess, as toddlers, don't eat well, so if you don't give vitamins when they quit breastfeeding or feeding formula, then they don't get what they need in full. I do know a friend here whose doctor did have her son on formula until age 3 also as changing to regular milk, only supplies a few vitamins and not only what is needed. Of course, if a mother is healthy, breast milk typically is better. Along with the immunity, Kelvin's doctors in Cincinnati actually said 2 weeks ago, that the Noni juice that Kelvin takes, is probably also helping him with his immunities, as he hasn't been sick for well over 1 year, only a tiny cold, but I don't believe, even 1 fever. He has never, ever been that well. Please let us know what you find out! Thanks, Michelle

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