Joshua is 7 and has been on deflazacort for 3 years now.  Just recently he has been having some bowel issues.  He will be playing outside and all of a sudden it's running down his leg.  Today happened at school and is now his 5th time in the last 2 months.  Has anyone else experienced this or have suggestions?  We do have the "special underwear", but he is determined not to wear them anywhere but bed. 


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we went through this for a while around that age with austin, we think he was just slower to get to a bathroom, and was waiting until the last minute to go inside...for us it just disapeared s he got better in tuned with his body and how much time it takes to find the rest room.
You should have him checked, if you have not already. You will want to rule out that he's over constipated. Something that's being going well, then changes like that...insist on an xray of his belly (called a KUB). This is one of the easiest tests to see how full his colon is or is not.
My son is 16 and he is experiencing the bm problems and I am curious that with the Duchennes muscular dystrophy if his muscles internally that push the bm out are weakening. We did not have a problem until last year and occasionally we experience this problem and it is the constipation feeling that my son has but he has regular bm's he just feels like he has to go. I would like to find out what deflazacort is because we have used miralax and doctor script>>>>lactulose solution.
We had this issue but our son was younger than yours by quite a bit.  We had a urologist check him out and she said that the back up of stool can cause the bladder not to feel the sensation to urinate.  Make sure that he has a movement every day with high fiber diet.  Also - you may want to see if he has some urinary track infection.  I wonder whether the muscle that seals off the urine isn't effected.  Certainly the bowel muscle - which is smooth is.  Char Burke

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