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It is really good news. Lets pray that it will work as expected and hope to be available soon.

Every year we learn of new techniques that *might* work to upregulate utrophin, which *might* help our boys. When will the community focus on actual translational research so any one of these techniques is actually used in a real trial, instead spending their money of finding new techniques?

I'd rather see the $ used to push something like Summit's drug to actual trials than used for yet another technique that has roughly the same mechanism.

We have to pick a horse and stick with it.

It seems that the development of any drug for DMD will take at least 10 years,so I am afraid that the DMD boys who may benefit from any treatment (if any) ARE NOT BORN YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Idebenone is still in a clinical trial!notice that Idebenone is just an antioxidant and it is available as supplement,so immagine how long it is gonna take a drug as ACE 031 or Utrophin (I will not say gene transfer because it is gonna take 200 years!!!!!!

I am very disappointed!!!!

it is far from vision.our hope is SMTC1100

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