My son has had an attitude and anger problem most of his life,I have had him in counseling for awhile now but it doesn't seem to help he is also on prozac.He is labeled the bad boy at school always getting into trouble because of what comes out of his mouth. I am so tired of it and don't know what to do anymore does anyone else have this problem and if so any advice??

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I have posted a number of times on using Omega 3,6,9 DHA/EPA. Does your son take it? It helped Kelvin a lot, I mean a whole lot, with anger issues. My uncle was visiting the other day and couldn't believe how much more pleasant Kelvin is now and also at school, his teacher has seen a huge change. There are many reports online if you look them up on the benefits of it. I give Barleans Fruit Flavor Pure Icelandic Cod Liver Oil (is it expensive, like $22.00 or so a bottle). I give 1 teaspoon a day. Worth a try if your son doesn't take it. It has been used for ADD/ADHD in clinical trials with great success on anger issues and although Kelvin hasn't been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Michelle
Thank you I will have to look into that,can you buy it at the drugstore? My son shows some signs of ADD but not ADHD. his main issue is anger and behavior..
My son has anger issues to he take's risperdal and vyvanse it helps some but not a whole lot anymore. He hit's kid's and even will scream and yell alot. He hardly ever seems happy. I get so tired of it to that it's a big problem for me he will stand in a store with his brother and just throw a fit and yell and act out of control but it's not my fault it's just how he is. If I take him out and put him in a time out sometime's that will help him calm down. He will pick things up and throw things it's awful. I do ABA therapy for his behavior and that helps to. He will even throw a glass of milk across the room it sucks. But my son also is on the autism spectrum to. I think mine does it for attention.
What is ABA therapy?
In all ABA programs, the intent is to increase skills in language, play and socialization, while decreasing behaviors that
interfere with learning. The results can be profound. Many children with autism who have ritualistic or self-injurious
behaviors reduce or eliminate these behaviors.

They establish eye contact. They learn to stay on task. Finally the children acquire the ability and the desire to learn
and to do well. Even if the child does not achieve a “best outcome” result of normal functioning levels in all areas,
nearly all autistic children benefit from intensive ABA programs.
This works for my son because he's on the Autism spectrum. They work on fine motor skills,tactile skills,and gross motor skills. For fine motor they use therapy puddy. For Tactile (touch) he plays in shaving cream. Gross motor they teeter totter, tricycle, scooter board. The ABA therapist even work on grooming, toileting, Wrtiting, Math,Vestibular (balance), Eating, Dressing,Audio (hearing), Olfactory (smell), Visual (seeing),Cooperation, Visual performance Puzzles and maze, Receptive language, Imitation, Vocal Imitation, Requesting having the child request like milk or food, Labeling colors and body parts, Intraverbals not sure what that is, Spontaneous Vocals, Syntax not sure what that is, Play (gym), Social interaction story time with other children, Groups story time, They teach him how to respond appropriatley to physical interaction w/ others (take and hold his hand,quick hug, high five). It really helps the autistic children to be independant. This therapy is so awesome I love it.

jessica and gary fluaitt said:
What is ABA therapy?

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