My son Pat is 21 and going to college part time. This summer he started to have respiratory issues requiring use of his bi-pap during the day. Though the need for the bi-pap is part of the progression, allergy/asthma issues seem to be a large part of it. He has had post-nasal drip all summer long and any irritant, such as neighbors mowing their lawn or windy dry days just send him into a cough. I am using albuterol with a nebulizer, over the counter antihistamines and relying on my cough assist. Wondering if anyone has gone through this, has tried allergy testing or the Singulair products. This allergy/asthma thing is new for us.

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Kelvin doesn't have Asthma, but always had difficulty breathing good, during colds, while sleeping, etc. I have talked about Noni Juice on here before, but thought I'd mention it again here, since it has helped Kelvin tons with breathing, etc. He quit snoring instantly and hasn't had anything for nearly 2 years. The doctors say it is great for immunity as well. The number one reason that folks order from is for asthma, according to folks who work there. It tastes bad, but I mix a bit in Rootbeer and Kelvin drinks it daily. Michelle

Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into Noni Juice as it certainly seems to be working for Kelvin.

Thanks again. Claire
My son has bad allergy problems. We got the couch assist to help him bring up the secretions from the nasal drip. He is also on Zyrtec (prescrption) and Mucinex. Teh doctor said that really pushing the fluids would help/

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