My son is 10 years old with Duchenne . He has learning disability as well. He has a very short statute.
I am in a very uneasy situation when strangers ask about his grade.
When I say he is in 5th grade, they have a look of astonishment on their face,
Don't want to gain sympathy by Saying that he is in special ed .
Can you guys give me any suggestions, to get out of such situations?
Thank you

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Sometimes saying less is really saying more. I don't think you need to explain..

You can just say he is smaller than his peers due to steroid use for a chronic disease (I'm assuming he is on steroids?). Then they may ask what disease, and on the days when you have the time, energy and patience you can turn it into a teachable moment (and when you don't, you don't) :)

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