Well what a day Connor had yesterday. Myself and my husband got a call from Connor's school saying we had to go in as they could not controlled Connor.
we arrived 10mins later and he is sat in a room that looked like a hurricane had blown thorough it.
I asked has Connor done this? and the reply was YES. i could not believe the mess he had made , .We were told he had not had a good day from the moment he steped into class and it just got worse trough out the day until dinner time when he was asked to come in from playing because he was throwing mud. He was taken into the reading room and he just wene mad,his support teacher had to ask for help to try and calm him down so the head teacher came, this did no good , at one point they both had to leave the room to avoid getting hit by the chairs.I have only seen Connor do this at home but he has never coursed so much mess.when we finally asked why he had done this he said he was angry but at what we still don't know?
Has any other parents and this experience?
I have heard a book call the explosive child is very good so i ordered one yesterday

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We had a few issues with anger with our son when he was taking prednisone. After we took him off of it things went back to normal. Some kids have side effects from prednisone, our son Gustin, was one of them.
Yes. We have experienced this with my son. Exactly what you are desrcibing. Completely turning the classroom upside down. They have had to clear the room of all the other kids and he has even gone so far as to hit and bite the teachers on a couple of occasions. It takes a while to figure out why my son has done it as well as he won't talk about it right away. He is embarressed by it and it takes a while to calm him down. I was getting calls almost on a weekly basis during kindergarten and first grade to come and get him for this. He is much better this year and I have not had to come and get him once.. While we have noticed that our son has always had a little bit of a temper,he never did this before until after he started steroids and school at the age of 5. Both were started together and this is when all this aggressiveness and frustration started. School has not been easy for him and as he has learning disabilities and cognitive issues (OCD, ODD, ADHD and extreme sensory issues - textile and noise mostly). He is also very shy and socially phobic.

We did end up putting my son into a smaller classroom setting (the resource room). It is more one on one, a slower pace and less noise. It helped a lot. He also has a behavior modification plan in place that was added to his IEP.

Good luck with this and I hope it was only a one time episode for your son. It has been a tough road for us but has gotten better this year. Through lowering the steroids dosage, behavior modification techniques, mood stabilizing drugs and I believe maturity it has made things better for my son. I did not want to take him off the steroids.

Kelvin had some bad outbursts, prior to steroids, which only got a bit more intense for awhile after starting steroids (maybe for 2 months after starting steroids), then I increased his DHA/EPA (from cod liver oil- I buy a really good liquid form) from 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon per day and well, they nearly quit, I mean completely. If you research DHA/EPA (Omega 3, 6 and 9) you'll find that it has been found that kids that have ADD and ADHD, etc. have very low amounts of it and research has shown that increasing it, can help. I tried to figure out what helped Kelvin, and it was either him getting older, or the DHA/EPA, or well, I don't know, but it was the only thing that I changed at the time he was having serious outbursts. He would walk around, mad as you can imagine, and would pick up everything and start throwing it, it was actually dangerous. He no longer does this, not at all and nearly quit overnight just after increasing this supplement. He did do the outbursts before steroids though, so I know that the steroids didn't do it, but they did make it worse for a bit. I give Kelvin Barlean's Liquid Kid's DHA Fruit Punch Flavor Omega - 3 EPA/DHA 100% Pure Icelandic Cod Liver Oil. It costs around $21.00 and lasts 47 days giving 1 teaspoon per day. Ok, sorry I wrote so much, but it could be what helped Kelvin and well, it is healthy for everyone, even if it doesn't help their anger. I feel that it may be worth a shot for some. I won't have Kelvin without it. Michelle
Thanks guys for all your advice, Karen Connor also has learning problems and sensory issues , manly noise, he also has problems with communication and social interaction but this has got a bit better in the last twelve months. Connor takes prednosone 15mg 10 days on and 10 days off. his behaviour dos get a bit worse when he is on them but when he had this outburst he was off the steroids so it was a bit of a shock.

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