Around what age do boys with DMD usually need a wheelchair for occasional use?   My son is six years old and is doing pretty well walking most times, but has trouble with long distances and tires easily.  By the end of the day at Kindergarten he usually wants to be carried out to the van and if we go for walks he always rides in a stroller or wagon.  We were just at a Neuromuscular clinic where the OT and PT suggested that he may need a wheelchair for occasional use (that he was too old/heavy to be carried or too old to be in a stroller).  Then when we went to see the Neurologist, we were told that he shouldn't even need to be carried, that at his age he should be able to keep up with his peers.  The Neurologist even said that perhaps he was lazy, and that if his wife would carry him around all day he wouldn't walk either.

I am wondering if anyone has any advice for us?



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We did get him a manual wheelchair for school. We considered the scooter, but he is not very good with steering. Still can't steer a bike or a trike. He doesn't use the wheelchair very much, only for the longer walks at school. He seems to be walking more around home though and seems less tired. I will say that as much as I do not like the wheelchair, he loves it.

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