Hello Friends,

Our son Krishna is almost 8 yrs now and mobile for the most part. This year at PPMD we saw lots of families with service dogs and were strongly advised to get one for our son as it helps them emotionally, socially and most importantly be more independent in the long run. We just completed the application process with Canine Assistants. Their wait time is 5 years and they require as a process to apply to other agencies.  Can someone please suggest any other agency that they have experience working with and also had a shorter wait time. 

Also what is the ideal age to get a service dog for your child?

Thanks so much for your support and guidance.

Stay blessed !


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I suggest canine companions for independence, at www.cci.org. they have facilities in California, Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio, and Florida. It took us two years to be accepted, and another year before we found the right time to go for training.
I'm not sure there is a perfect age that works for everybody...my son was 14, and much earlier than that I'm not sure he would have engaged as much as he did. At 14 he took the training very seriously!

Dear David, 

Thanks so much for your reply and support for Canine Companions. We do plan to apply to them as well.

Has anyone worked with KSDS? They are based out of Washington, Kansas.

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