I would like to hear from parents with kids 12 years and older what they do when their kids complain of body aches and pains. I know to follow my heart and instinct but would like to know as they get older and start complaining of chest pains, sore body etc, is this all part of the growing up process or do these type of things happen as they get older?
Kevin celebrated his 12th birthday yesterday, praise God that he is still walking. Keeps trying to walk flat foot and is very proud when he can do it for a couple of seconds. He woke up all sore and I am taking him to the doctor today to be checked for other issues too.
Sometimes it is so hard to know what to do, maybe he is just exhausted at times too!!!!

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My son is not over 12 but will be 8 this weekend. He suffers from pain now from muscle cramping. It happens all over his body from his hands, arms, and legs and it has been getting worse lately. I am wondering if it is going to get worse with age. What helps him is heat and massages. I will also give him Motrin or Advil if it is really bad. Sometimes it is so bad it makes him cry. Hot showers and warm baths really help. I also have him rest and lie down until it passes and this helps. I don't know what the best answer/solution is for this but these things help my son.
Hi Karen
Thank you so much for your message to me, I really do appeciate it. I have given him some Nurofen as per the doctor to take away the inflamation and sometimes he says that it is not always the muscular dystrophy that causes it, it could be a virus that he has picked up too. I will keep note of your message and will try what you have said to me.
Happy birthday to your son for the weekend, they grow too quickly.
Kindest Regards Jo
My son will be 13 in April. He stopped walking at 9.5yrs old. Justin is always sore. His back hurts alot. he will complain of various aches and pains. We just give him motrin as needed and use ice packs and heating pads. If the aching doesnt go away in a couple of days, we usually have it checked out. its never been anyhting serious so far.

Hi Samantha
Thank you too for writing to me, I did get Kevin checked out and it was a virus he had. We had some blood tests done as the doctor was worried about glandular fever doing it's rounds. I will keep note of Motrin and find out what it is, have not heard of it until now and also will keep the ice packs, hot or cold ready for him too.
I appreciate your help. Love Jo.

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