A team events at Kohl's, please get on board with me!!!!!

I wanted to remind everyone when you do fundraisers don't forget to get your local Kohl's store involved.  It's so easy, just call your local Kohl's and ask for the employee that does the A-team events.  They are more than willing to help and there is enough time to get them involved for Coach to Cure MD.  This is my 3rd fundraising event utilizing an A-team event.  They offer up to 5 of their employees to help for 3 hours.  The employees cannot handle money, but can hand out t-shirts, hand out information, do face paininting, temporary tattoos, etc.  All they do is show up and help and PPMD will recieve $500, it's just easy and if you are doing a fundraiser anyway, get them involved.  If just one parent per state did an A-team event we would raise $25,000 easy.  Just think if all of us around the country in many, many citites do this, the amount of money we can raise together.  Not to mention what we raise above and beyond.  Can I count on you other parents out there to get on board with me?  This is a critical time for us and our boys, we can do this!!


Thank you!

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I had no idea they did that. Awesome!

What type of event are you doing? Last year, Max and Coach to Cure MD was part of Texas A&M's weekly press conference and we did a TV spot for the local news's sports show at the game, but we didn't have an event to raise money per se. My husband and I both work full time and have 2 small kids, so I have to be realistic about what type of event I can be involved with, time-wise. Guess I need to check out the Coach to Cure site!
Keep in mind that if there is more than one local Kohls store in your area more than one store can be involved. Each store that sends five people will generate $500 dollars. Here we do the MDA telethon and five or six stores show up. The stores do get many requests we have several each week-end. I am doing one in the morning for Make-A-Wish.
Veronica, we are actually doing 2 different events. I too have 3 small kids, our baby is only 9 months, so I totally get how hard it is to do events. I contacted a local farmers market, where I know tons of people go. They are giving a booth to us for free for our event. We are doing face painting and temporary tattoos on a donation basis. My older daughter has a pre-school teacher who's husband is a clown and I'm going to see if he could come to draw more attention. That is from 9-1pm and then our other event starts around 2pm at a local bar and grill. We are getting donated items and gift card and are doing a raffle, handing out some t-shirts and putting donation containers on the tables. They will have our local college football game on to tie it all together. I'm actually going to see if I can do 2 A-team events. It's so easy!

I saw the press conference you were at, I was really impressed with you and I loved that the coach did that. I think it is so important for others to see the human side of this disease, I think people can try and relate more seeing such an adorable little guy and hearing the fight that our guys fight everyday. Great job!!!

Good point Janine!!!! I will keep that in mind to see if I could possibly get some other stores involved, thanks!

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