I know that DMD is passed on from mom if she is a carrier. I have not had genetic counseling and I have done some research on the internet, but I have a strange situation. I do not know if I am a carrier because we have had some trouble with Riley's bloodwork and I was waiting for his before I get tested. The funny thing is, there is no MD on my mother's side of the family and I do not have brothers, but there are a lot of relatives on my father's side with DMD and other types of MD! My father has about 6 cousins with MD. 3 were brothers who all had DMD, one other had DMD, one had another type (unsure) and as of last month he had another counsin diagnosed with MD! Is it EVER possible to have a male carrier or is this all just a crazy coincidence? Any thoughts?

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that is wild. I don't think a man can be a carrier, but I am not a genetic's guru. It is really hard to look at that lineage and NOT connect the DNA somehow! Where was Riley's bloodwork sent? I would be furious by now if I didn't have it back!!
I agree that you should not be tested until his comes back. I do know that it is unusual for the DNA to be different if it comes from the same gene, so to have a variety of types of MD in the bloodline is another interesting thing (for example 2 brothers or 2 cousins would proably have the same mutation). I would try to secure the mutations (if you can) of the others who have/had DMD and see if they match with Rileys (when you get it). If the mutation is the same, it is going to be REALLY HARD to say you didn't get it from your dad.
On a lighter note...(I can say this coming from LA too)...all you cajuns are all cousins in some way..you sure your mom is not your dads .......... OK, bad cajun joke...just kidding..it is late....sorry!!! (need those smilies from the old board right now!).

Lori from N. Louisiana!!
Hey Rhiannon,
You already know this but I'm going to post the same thing again so other people can see. I have a half sister. She and I share the same father but have different mothers and I have a 10 year old and a 7 year old with Duchennes and she has a 9 year old with Becker's. Oh and I forgot to add this, his my nephew is kind of riding a fine line between Becker's and Duchenne's and seeing him, I would have thought he has Duchenne's simply because of how far his progression looks but anyways, we told our doctors, my sister and I, and they were both pretty surprised and hmm..and awww...but that was about it so I'm going to dig further into that when my sons see their new doctor.
Oh and Rhiannon...I'm a native Oklahoman...and man, we hear much worse....lol
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! No kidding huh!!!!!!!! My grandmother is the heritage tracker and no connection we know of!! LOL!! Yes, this is really twisting my mind. Right after we found out about Riley...another crazy story...my dad tells me that my NEXT DOOR neighbor (who is quiet and keeps to themselves) is his cousin..she is a DMD carrier and never had children and 3 of her 4 brothers passed from Duchenne! I went over and spoke with her and she started telling me of other family members that had Duchenne. Not long after anothe one of my dad's counsins (who is in his early 30s or late 20s) has been diagnosed with MD, but I'm not sure what type. This is my father's 1st counsin!! Like I said, my grandmother (on my mom's side) has do tons of family research and there doesn't seem to be any MD. And, my mother has two brothers, and 5 sisters, and none of my uncles or cousins has any type of MD. I read something on line about Somatic Mosaicism and Germline Mosaicism when researching this. I haven't gotten any farther yet. Also, someone just posted under Carrier Mom's group that she and a half sister (same dad) both have boys with DMD and one with BMD!! Weird!

I will definately talk to Dr. Wong's team about this! P.S. I got an email today about sending our info!!! Yea!! Just waiting for our appointment!
I do not know any thing about this topic but I remember that at conference in Washington at the dinner someone was talking about this same thing. maybe further research should be done on it, maybe contact Lee Sweeney and ask him where to go with this info. Is it wrong for your cousin to be your husband? hahahaha. only those from the south get these jokes!
Jenny (Pensacola Florida native.)
Well mind was the same way, no family history. You know how boys for know reason can have it. A mutation is what causes 1 in 3500 boys to have it. I think when I was conceived that if I have of been a boy I would have been affected with DMD, but since I was a girl I turned out to be a carrier. So I feel that either way a boy or a girl if the mutation hits the child with either have it or be a carrier. The video that the PPMD puts out makes it easier to understand I have it and it is wonderful. It is called giving a Face to Duchenne Md. I recommend it to all. I think we as parents can get a copy at no charge? I did.
I would imagine that like a female can have a bad set of eggs, a male could have a bad set of sperm.

just an uneducated guess, though....would that be like a hypothesis?
From my understanding, that is impossible, because If I guy has a bad X he has the disorder and if the women has a bad X she is a carrier. I could be wrong, but that is what most docs have told me.
I agree that if a male has a bad X, he has DMD. But, women can have a bad set of eggs and not be a carrier...essentially, both X chromosomes are perfectly fine.

That said, I would imagine the same can happen with males. We can have a perfectly healthy X chromosome, yet I wonder if we could have a bad set of sperm.

I don't know the answer to this, but it seems logical.
Oh Ok, I don't that answer either. Good question for a Doc then. It would be interesting to find out what they would say?
Here's the thing with that, a dad couldn't pass that bad X chromosome onto a boy...since, we send the Y.

But, we could pass it onto a girl, making her a carrier....or, if mom is a carrier as well (or has some bad eggs) and passes it on, then the girl would have DMD.
I often wondered that. Because I am a carrier and don't know where it started. My mom had 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy. My brother doesn't have DMD and non of my sisters are carriers, just me and my daughter, it is a mystery. I thought maybe I was the 1 in 3500 that it just happened to? How would they find out I wonder?????

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