We just started Andy on Deflazacort, one 6mg tablet 3 times per day. We are having a hard time getting him to take it. We have tried mixing it with jam, peanut butter and fruit juice. Tricks him the first time but he can still detect the bitter taste and then we have a hard time getting him to take it the same way again. I was hoping parents might share any tricks or suggestions that are working for them.

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Hi Rick,
I took a raisin, opened it and wraped it around the Deflazacort, getting rid of any excess raisin. It acted like a coating for the Deflazacort, which made it easier to swallow. I had great results with my son Christian. It wasn't long before he was raisin free.
Let me know how it turns out.
Good Luck.
Kathleen Cacciaguerra
Hello Rick. We used to put a little pudding on a spoon, crush the pills to put on top of the pudding, then add more pudding to cover the pills. It worked great for us and he very rarely complained about the taste.
we put go gurt into Dannys mouth and then place 1/4 pill in mouth with go gurt and he swallows it down. also we break the tablet into 4's. takes it no prob.
Not sure if Andy can swallow a pill. What I have done is to buy Empty Vitamin Capsules size 00 at the Vitamin Store. I split the deflazacort tablets in half and put it in the capsules, this hides the bitter taste. My son has been taking deflazacort this way for a while and finds it easier to take them this way then trying to hide them in food.
We break it and put in a spoonful of yogurt and he swallows it fine. My son can swollow pills but is very picky about taste and hated the taste/smell of deflazacort. Now with yogurt, he has no problems
Pretty much the same as everyone else for our 4 1/2 yr old. He takes 1/2 pill and give it to him with a spoonful of applesauce. We get a spoonful of th eapplesauce and then put the pill on top of the applesauce and he hasn't complained yet... excpet lately he has been asking for one more bite of applesauce (I wonder if it is because of an aftertaste - I'll have to ask him)
I give one of my son's a few pieces of chocolate and he chews up the pill.
My other son swallows the pill. They are both on deflazacort.

We put Adams in yogurt.
Hi Rick,
We too had a really difficult time with the taste, let alone trying to get a 3 year old to swallow a pill. He now takes Liquid Deflazacort (Dr. Wong suggested it and Masters Marketing carries it). We have a really nice pharmacist who looks the other way and despite that it isn't FDA approved, he flavors it. He looked up the flavoring formula in a database that included Deflazacort in its list.
A lot of pharmacies now flavor liquid meds for kids in a huge variety of flavors. Maybe if you open up to your pharmacist about your son's diagnosis and how important this medicine is for him, he might be willingto help.
Javier's is flavored strawberry and the formula he follows is:
2 drops strawberry flavoring per 15ml
1 drop watermelon flavoring per 15ml
3 drops sweetening enhancer per 15ml
Don't get me wrong, the nasty aftertaste is still there. It is considerably better, though.
Good luck!
-Jen {Javier's Mama}

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