In the fall, my mom's co-workers have begun organizing a fundraiser for us to be able to get treatment for Riley in Cincy with Dr. Wong. I however, want to donate half of all our proceeds to PPMD. I hope I can do this!? The fundraiser is going to be a 'Family Fun Day' where we will sell food, have 'rides' for the kids, bands will play and there will be a silent auction (GREAT stuff like a fiddle autographed by Charlie Daniels!). I would like to put up a slide show that includes pictures, information about DMD, and information about PPMD. I have seen slide shows that other parents have done and they are wonderful! I am asking for your permission to put a picture of your child in the slide show. I want people to see all of the boys they will be helping by donating money to PPMD. If you'll let me use a picture, please send me a comment. Thanks!!

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You can use any photos of Kelvin. Thanks, Michelle
OK, I am officially working on my slide show. I am using three songs (yes, I know that is long but I will make a shorter verison when I am finished with this one). Thank you to all the parents that have let me put pictures of their beautiful boys!!! Anyone else that will let me use pictures of your child, please let me know by the end of today. Thanks again! I will post it as soon as I am done.


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