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My husband is actually my kids stepfather and he's an absolutely wonderful Dad and NEVER refers to the kids as his stepkids, he tells everyone that they are his. But my son Avery has a father that sees him off and on when he feels like it and tonight was his father's weekend with him and after five hours, I had to go pick him up because his father couldn't handle him. Apparently, Avery wasn't able to sleep on the couch because he wasn't comfortable and his father told him that if he got him out of bed again he was going to get mad. Avery is 10 and his DMD has him sleeping in the fetal position and soft places like couches and thick mattresses are like quicksand for him, he gets stuck and can't sleep. Does anyone out there have problems with their boys Dads who don't live with them?

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That is a real shame for Averys dad to act that way. For him to expect him to sleep on the couch in the first place is crazy. Some dads just don't want to accept the idea that their boy has DMD. I have found out with my oldest that his father just quit coming to visit him. After we moved to Texas because his dad refused to help, with money, support, or a break from the responsiblities, his father came to see him 1 time in 2 1/2 years and then didn't even come to his memorial service that we had for him. It is his lost though, because christopher was the most loving person, he really understood love. His dad even complained about the picture I put in the paper. But Christophers step-dad really his daddy was always there for him. These real men are the special ones to these boys. So tell your husband now to keep up the good work.
Thanks so much for sharing that with me, Tanya. It just infuriates me to hear that even when your son was dealing with the end, he didn't even have the decency to show his face but then again, that was probably for the best for all concerned. I am so glad that you were able to find someone that really cared and loved your son. Just a question though, did Christopher ever have a hard time dealing with the absence of his father?
At first he did, but he knew for a long time his dad was not there for the long haul. Christopher was very mature for his age. He made the comment one time that it was his fathers loss. I had to agree with him. I think it bothered me more than him.
It's the same for me I guess. Avery will no longer see his father and he doesn't seem to care at all. The only thing that Avery really said was oh well, I still have Chad. I think it bothers me more than him because I don't understand. I guess it would be different if his father and I had been a fling but we were married and at one point, I loved him..well, about as much as a young girl could love someone. We met when I was sixteen and married when I was eighteen and six months later I got pregnant and by the age of 21 we were divorced. Avery is his only son and he's remarried and divorced again since and doesn't want anymore children because he says that he wouldn't feel right raising another child and not being there for Avery. Yet, he now lives with a woman with four children. Children he takes fishing, camping, and who knows what else. My son told me hat every time he would go over there, the kids would tell him of the fun things they would do with his dad and Avery told me "He never does that stuff with me" Course that was after I decided Avery would no longer see his father, so I guess in the end it is his loss.

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