Hope this is same as the previous messgae board. It took a while to find this today and I am surprised the old registration does not work, had to re-register.

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I completely agree and have the same issues with it. The other one is much easier to follow and you know when something new is posted.
Another thought....what about the new members that just posted on other site - how will they find answers on this new one? I just went to the old msg board and saw a new member with just the one post - If the msg board link hadn't been posted this morning I wouldn't have found it very easily (or at all). Any possible way that at least the newest posts on the old board could be integrated onto this site until everyone is familiar with the new format? Makes me sad that a brand new dx probably can't even find their post or the couple of responses...I don't know about everyone else but my email notifications haven't been working on the old msg board for a while and I just assumed it was because of the expected changes to the site.

Ryan - can an email be sent to the member that is a new dx that posted earlier today on the old board with a link so they can find their thread on the old board and an invite to join us on the new site? I believe the topic is "are naturalpaths helpful?" thank you!
In my opinion if you could put the old message board format on here under this new discussion format (which obviously I dislike) and kept all the other new wonderful things added - pictures/my pages/video it would be perfect.
I tried to sign in to the new board after re-joining yesterday and it wouldn't take my sign in. Is anyone else having problems with it?
Yes I had the same problem. Do we have to re-register? Ryan, could the link you provided above for the old message forum be added to the main page? I have to keep coming to this to go on to it. I don't understand where it is or how to get ot it now when you open the parentprojectmd.org. site anymore.
I am working on it everyone... please be patient so we can go through all the comments and make some decisions.

The Messageboard link is now on the new site under "uniting the community"

Thank you, Ryan! ;-)
I am not having problems with this site with regards to logging in...but i do with the new PPMD site.

werd on da street is, as is with all new sites, there are bugs...or defects. I found out that when i log into the new PPMD site (not community), I am actually logged in, but looks as if I am not. so, give the developers some time, familiarize urself w/the new site, and in time, all will be good.
This is absolutely incredible for me. I have literally found answers to my sons health issue over night !! Without this message board I would still be fretting wondering how to help my 16 year old son. He has been having major issues with a high rate with normal heart function, normal thyroid test with all the thyroid symptoms. We put him on perindropril which only helped a little for a few months. His heart rate is raising again and having much more sever digestion, burping, hot head dizzy and jumpy eyes symtoms at night after dinner. I was told just this last Monday there wasn't anything else we can do. We live in AK and up until last year Luke was doing great. Living in AK has had the challenge of the doctors giving old worn out advice for DMD or not knowing what to do. THANKS PPMD!!

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