Hope this is same as the previous messgae board. It took a while to find this today and I am surprised the old registration does not work, had to re-register.

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I hope there is an email announcement about the new look/site. I like it, but like you it took awhile to find it and I am still not sure that all the previous content of the message board is still here. i sure hope so!
absolutely, that is my worry. There is tons of valuable information in the old posts and hope all that is preserved and there is a easy way to get to those. For now missing the old format!!!
Hey Folks-

You can still access the messageboard www.parentprojectmd.org/messageboard
We are discussing how to integrate the boards into this site so that everyone can be happy. Please be patient with the transition. We welcome your feeback always.

Took me a while to find the old format also. If I hadn't come here and seen this discussion I wouldn't have known how to access it on parentprojectmd.org. COuldn't seem to find it on there. Really hoping the old message format is kept. Like it much better than the new one on PPMD community.
I like the old discussion format too and am sure we'll all get used to the new one. I don't know about everyone else - but I've kept quite a few private messages on the "old" board because of the information shared from other parents and would hate to lose those so I just went in and printed them. :-)
Oh, really good idea Polly. I have a bunch of private messages on there as well.
I didn't even think about the private messages I have saved! I hope they can incorporate the old board too. It takes so long to navigate this one!
If the old boards are going to be retained, couldn't those of us who prefer that format stick to posting there?

As I dig into this format more and more, I find it very user unfriendly. There is also a time limit on editing your comments. If we find evidence contrary to something we have previously posted, something that may be medically inaccurate, how can we correct it?

The tiered format works well for Usenet, but it makes it very difficult to determine which posts are new here.

Okay, back to the old discussion board for now.
I'm actually liking this, we can see each others kiddo's in pics and video's..it's set up like facebook. But you're right, lots of good info on the other message board, and it did take me awhile to find this.. but none the less, I think it's a great change :)
I really like this new format and look. I think it will just take time to get used to...you know change...who really likes it! i love our new personal pages and it looks like when you log in to the home page of the 'community' you get an update of threads that are active. If the other stuff is accessible and retrievable (Ryan, could a link be added to the old message board on the home page until you all get it transferred?) then I think we can make do and learn the new system...Surely some old dogs (ok, not you, but me...) can learn new tricks!
I wish us all luck!
I too liked the discussion forum format better on the old site. Of course, I love the photos, information, etc. that we can all now share, but viewing the old forum was so, so easy, you just viewed 1 page and could tell what had new posts and when, so I knew I never missed anything new. It seems like there actually may be a bit to much to offer and too many pages to navigate. I guess change is always difficult.
I don't like this message board format at all. Hopefully you can figure out how to get all the old messages transferred into the newer format, it would be an absolute shame to lose all that information.

The problems that jump out at me, some as others have noted:
- not easy to tell what messages are new
- tiered format of replies makes it very hard to follow the thread - sequential in time is much better for this kind of application
- can't see all the topics at once

PPMD - please, please fix this board

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