Has anyone seen real benefits of these supplements? with or without other medications?

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My son gained nearly 4 pounds in a few weeks after starting many supplements (I realize weight isn't good always), and the only thing we can think of that did this are the muscle enhancers, like Creatine, Glutamine and Arginine that he is on. He is actually eating less, no snacks at night, etc. to get him ready for the Deflazacort, which may arrive any day. His thighs started to bulg on the muscle enhancers (no, not the bulg that happens to their calves from the breakdown of muscle). I work with a body builder and he said that is good and maybe it is helping him a bit. I'm not sure who can tell us for sure, as suppliments aren't something that many doctors will touch. I hope there is an experienced doctor out there that works with suppliments that will join this site. I have done tons of research and have Kelvin on these items after top doctors in the nation said they would have their kids on the creatine if they had MD. Also, many studies are out about the benefits of COQ10 on the heart, but I don't believe that folks will see "instant" benefits and may never know for sure, but we are trying what we think may "help". Kelvin had the greatest changes from the Protandim, his brain power increased a ton. He was way behind his age group and then within 2 weeks, improved greatly. My entire family, including myself, take COQ10 daily now. One doctor Kelvin sees says she takes it.
Is the Glutomine a powder? I put Daniel on a powder brand once from GNC and it was loaded with sugar. Read the ingrediants and make sure it doesn't have a lot of sugar in it.
Well, yes it is powder and from GNC, it is the unflavored one, oops, could have the sugar you mentioned. I'll have to check. Kelvin eats great, but of course, the steroids start soon (a week or so), so this may be more an issue. I hope not. Boy, we can't win, can we.
Lisa, I am attaching my caring bridge link. I just wrote about the benefits we have seen since starting Juven.
Actually, I checked this morning, the glutamine, arginine and creatine are all 100% suppliment, no added sugar, starch, etc. They all have no flavor at all. I add them to sugar free juice, like lemonade or a sports drink if it seems he could use it. I was told to never add creatine to a real 100% fruit juice as it can change the compounds of it and can be harmful (I don' t know the truth behind this, but I don't take any chances).
I buy the glutamine and creatine at GNC, the arginine from a place called Raisen Rack.
Interesting. I bought creatine from Whole Foods grocery store that I add to oatmeal. Maybe I should check on what I should and should not add this stuff to for food. As far as the CoQ10, we found a chewable but I'm afraid I didn't realize that it has way more Vitamin E in it then his body should have. So I'll finish the chewables and then switch him to a liquid for of CoQ10 that has more reasonable amount of Vitamin E. He's not old enough to swallow pills yet. Besides, I heard that natural, liquid Vitamin E is the key to get the most benefits for DMD.
I take green tea extract and have noticed a significant decrease in leg pain and cramps.
Hi Michelle,
My son participated in the Creaton study with Dr Biggar at Bloorview Mcmillan in
Toronto when he was 6yr. We saw no increase in his weight, I thought I saw a
slight increase in his all round strength & stamina. Apparently after the study
althought there was a "slight" improvement with all the boys, it wasn't considered
enough, so although we could've continued with the supplements we opted not to,
as my son hated taking the huge pills. Carson has been on Deflaxacort for 9 yrs
now and has never had a weight problem. However, Carson up until this year
did not like sweets; fruit, candy, pop, juice. All he wanted was milk & meat.
As of this year though, he is 14yr. he has been getting sweet cravings and his
weight has gone up considerably in just the last 4 months. Not sure if it's due
to being a teenager or coincides with his last Deflaxcort increase. Anyhow, I
will be trying to find lower carbohydrate snacks for him to keep his weight
down. He's gone up 2 pant sizes!!! Plus I've thrown my back out twice now
lifting him! I've never heard of Protandim, Carson could use some extra brain
power for High School next year!!
Susana, My boy with DMD is just about 3 years old. Do you recall/know how long you've been experiencing leg pain and cramps?
I'm going to have to look into this Protandim too. Looks interesting. =)
Jenny, thank you so much for sharing!
There are many discussions about Protandim on the old forum. I will never have my son without it. I checked Kelvin's weight last night, he was back down a pound, so he only weighs 41 pounds at nearly 6 years old. I don't think that is too bad. I really believe there is something with the Protandim and brain power. I can't explain it, but I know it wasn't the multiple vitamin.

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