Do you ever feel like no one knows about Duchenne? It doesn't get enough attention? It gets outshined by other causes with flashy spokespersons?


On October 25th college football coaches (and their staff) from over 190 schools across the country are going to be on YOUR team, working together to increase awareness and raise money for research to combat Duchenne! By wearing "Coach to Cure MD" armband patches on this gameday, they will be promoting our boys to the rest of the country. Given that this includes participation by 24 of the 25 top-ranked teams, and will be seen on 20+ televised games, I think this gives us pretty good coverage.

In addition, coaches will mention Coach to Cure MD and Duchenne in pre- and post-game interviews, and we are going to be running television and radio "commercials" in selected markets. These include instructions on how people can donate, either online or via a new text-messaging donation program. Some schools are even going to run our commercials in-stadium on the "Jumbotron" or the overhead PA system during the game. Imagine...50,000 fans as a captive audience when you are trying to get the message across.

If you are not getting excited about this you are either uninformed or don't have a pulse!

You might be asking yourself, "But what can I do?" It's simple: SPREAD THE WORD! Check out the website (, call your friends, send emails to everyone in your "contacts" list, accost random strangers on the street, etc. If you are feeling even more ambitious and want to possibly plug into other ways to help or volunteer, contact Rachel Poysky at

Keep in mind that this is only the start. The American Football Coaches Association has adopted PPMD as one of their charities for three years, so Coach to Cure MD will grow even bigger over the course of the next several years!

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A friend sent me this picture she took at a game she attended this week. She also said there were numerous announcements about it, plus a booth for donations at the gate.

Are there t-sjirts available to purchase for this event?
Check out this article in the New York Times. A little inaccurate, but close enough...
I am going door to door in the neightbouhood communities and distributing the take action for suchenne email taht we got from pppmd. Just thought of sharing this idea.

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