I am helping a friend, who has 2 sons with Duchenne, by setting up a trust to cover medical and medical travel expenses. What kinds of trusts have people set up for their fundraisers? I have discussed this with an accountant and we tossed around a few ideas but I wanted to know what were people using? You can post here or email me if you prefer ddmaher@yahoo.com.
Thank you!!!

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My understanding was non profit can't be for just one child-but you could maybe set it up where the org would give grants some how. Also, like Susan said, make sure the child does not have over $2000 in his name. We had to stop Wyatt's college savings fund because it was in his name. Now we just have a savings account that we know will be used for hi. It does make fundraising tricky because there is not the "write off" benefit like a non profit. Nothing can ever be easy.

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