Not something that really matters to much, I wouldn't think, but are there any statistics on the number of cases of MD per geographic region. I guess I was wondering if external factors could be a factor. Certain areas of the country seem to have a lot more members registered with PPMD, but that could be just an awareness of the site.

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I don't know about that, but I do know that a decade or so ago, the MDA did a study and found boys with DMD die about 10 years earlier if they live in the south (specifically Louisiana and MS). Yep, right where I live! Lucky me! That is why we go to Cincy for care!!!
Good question. I know that we live in a county with a population of about 150,000 and there are eight boys in our support group. That seems kind of high, but the thing is, only one was born here. The rest of us have moved from other parts of the country.

I like your question, though, because my wife is not a carrier and I've been wondering lately if there could be environmental or physical factors during the pregnancy which could increase the risk of a non-hereditary case of Duchenne. I don't think we will ever get an answer, but it is something to ponder.
We live in East Texas and in a one hour radius from us towards the east, i know of at least 8 kids with a form of md. Only one isnt dmd. If you took that out towards Dallas/ Ft. Worth, it would probably be up towards 100 or higher......

We live in Singapore now, but my son was conceived on our wedding night in Sydney (we were actually living in Japan at the time but went back to Sydney for our wedding) so can't tell you if geography or circumstances played a factor. I didn't even know I was pregnant and spent my honeymoon scuba diving, took travel sickness pills (for the trip out to the reef for diving - it was pretty choppy seas that day) and spent a fair bit of time in a hot tub. I was also drinking every night as we went out to dinner in some lovely restaurants and we were celebrating! I wonder how much of that contributed to my son's disease (I am not a carrier) - it will haunt me forever! My husband tells me it isn't my fault, but I can't help but wonder. . .
Oh, and I know of only a handful of boys here in SIngapore with DMD (5 to be exact), but then society here does seem to like hiding them away so I am sure there are more. . .

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