I am trying to find out if anyone's child froths at the mouth while asleep and bubbles of saliva. My brother is worried his little boy is overhausting himself and that is a symptom that he is doing to much and his muscles cant take it. I have looked on the net and cannot find anything about frothing at mouth is overexhaustion.

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Sorry, my 3 year old does not do this. What does pediatrician or MD docs say?
My son slept with his mouth open nearly every night of his life (until he was 5 1/2), prior to starting him on Noni Juice. I give him 1 tablespoon a day of this juice mixed in root beer to try to hide the taste (it is terrible). You can find a lot I've written about it on here. He hasn't snored or slept with his mouth opened once since I tried it and I am on autoship and will never have him without it. He did drool when he slept with his mouth opened, it wasn't really frothy though. I'm not sure I helped, but this is what Kelvin used to do. The Noni Juice is purchased a lot from folks with Asthma. I order from TRUNONI.com. Michelle

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