I would like to know if anyone has any ideas of where I can find a ventilator for my son. Mitch is stuck in the hospital right now. He recedntly underwent tracheostomy and needs 2 home vents to return home. I'm checking with our MDA here in Sacramento in hopes someone donated a vent. Anyone have an idea? Because we are Medi Care/Medi-cal, we are having difficulty finding a respiratory company to supply the ventilator. Any ideas will be appreciated. Heidi

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Wow! It is almost inconceivable that you are having this problem! I would expect the hospital to refer Mitch to a respiratory rehab program for all of you to learn essential vent related skills prior to discharge. Any decent program will have an established relationship with durable medical vendors who can meet you needs.

My partner is 40 years w/ DMD and uses an LTV vent. I would be concerned that you will be handed two vents without adequate training and preparation. You will need some long term support (not to mention all the vent supplies) so you need to find a decent, responsive vendor with a strong respiratory therapist.

I would not recommend a "donated" vent. You will need someone to service the vent now and over time. Not all vents are the same. You need a vent appropriate for Mitch.

I have a friend in CA whose husband is vented. I think they live in Oceanside? They have Medi-Cal. I could ask what vendor they use. Also, I'm fairly certain that they would speak to you directly about their experiences. Let me know if this would help.


Have you called the MDA office in San Francisco to see what they know may be available? There is also the SF MDA clinic (California Pacific Medical) you can see if they can refer you to some place. Does Stanford have anything? Shriners? UCSF Medical Center? Oakland?

There has to be a place.

Donna can check with her friend and see what information she comes up with for you. That is great of you Donna. Donna, I think I met you and Mike a year or so in DC. I hope you both are well. I am going to ask some people listed under friends who are in the same situation.

Let us know how it goes Heidi and give Mitch a big hug from us!

Hey Heidi,

Hope by now you have resolved the vent issues. I did speak with my friend in California. Her husband currently uses PulmoCare as their respiratory vendor but they only serve Southern California. In the past they have used Apria which serves a much larger geographic area. Molly said that she would be happy to speak with you directly. Just contact me and I'll get her info to you if you think it would be helpful. How is Mitch doing?


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