Wyatt just turned 2 and it is harder than ever to get him to cooperate with stretching. I try to get in a few stretches while he is asleep but he still pulls away from me. Any suggestions would be of great assisstance.


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Our 2 yr old Henry is also quite the wiggle worm when it comes to stretches... so it will be interesting to see what folks suggest. I do have a wedge that a friend built for us (similar to the one Angela shows Jack using here wedge ). And we try to get him to stand on it when playing and such...

Hi Jessica,

My son Gavin turned 2 in March and we have been doing stretching with him since he was 20 months. We have a routine at night that he takes a bath with his sister and then we do stretching. We also include his sister Isabella who is 3 1/2 so it makes it more fun that way. I usually will give him a toy or car for him to hold while we do stretches. We also have one of those toddler music toys and it came with a little drum. We also give him the drum sticks and have him sit straight up with his legs stretched out and he is reaching forward to hit the drum, he doesn't even know he is stretching for that one. Also, we have a bunch of picture books with animals and things I hand him those at times if he is really wiggly and I have him laying on his back. Then I start all of the stretches and heel cords. Sometimes he is really wiggly and then turns over on his stomach and then I will do the side leg stretch and heel cords from that position. My husband also uses a distraction technique and goes into this act that he also gets his buzz lightyear boots on and that he is a space ranger, he seems to love that and he helps us put his feet in the night splints. We also do this thing where we reach to the sky light a space ranger and he really gets into it and so does his sister then when his sister is interested he is even more interested in joining in on the stretching games. Hope this helps a little, it certainly can be challenging at this age :-). Tonya
We found out Joshua had DMD when he was 6 weeks old. When he was old enough to go in an exersaucer and jolly jumper, I used to put a circular wedge under him so he would jump and come down in the stretching position. He's also just stand there and he would be stretching. His PT thought this was a neat invention and asked if she could use it when we were done. We would still do his stretches with his mobile and other toys hanging over his head that he could reach too, but by night time, his legs were pretty soft!

We do the same as Tonya, make it part of his bathtime, bedtime routine. We also get his younger sister involved.

James was diagnosed just after he turned 2, it will be 2 years in September since he was diagnosed. Right from the start, we would massage and stretch his legs after he got out of the bath. He lies on the pillow and drinks his nighttime milk out of his straw cup whilst we do the massage. We chat to him about our day, and also whatever else he wants to talk about - usually Superman. We have been pretty lucky, he has rarely complained about it. These days, in fact, he actually asks us to massage and stretch his legs each night. I think this is because he realises that his legs feel better afterwards.

In my experience, with anything to do with the kids, it's all about "marketing". Find a new fun way to market it and make it fun. When we stretch James's hamstrings, we tell him he has to make "a tall building for superman to fly over" and he stretches as high as he can. Books or toys as distractions, or a bottle of milk can also be a good method of distraction.

I don't know if I've been any help. Good luck in finding ways to make it easier.


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