We finally saw our local PT gain after seeing Dr. Wong in May (we've had insurance nightmares the past few months) and are awaiting authorization for his braces. Hopefully will be getting them fitted in the next few weeks. Anywaus, when his PT looked at the script he said that they traditionally use regular molded AFO's for nighttime and that the ones prescribed are usually used for during the day. He said we of course could use them only at night, but that he wants them to be fitted so that we have the option of using them during the day as well and we should think about putting them on Carter on days when he's having more trouble tripping or we know he's going to be walking a lot. Does anyone use this model during the day? Also, are any of the other boys using any daytime bracing this young (Carter's 4.5)?

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I would ask Dr. Wong about this. I remember her and the PT's there talking about how they did NOT want Wyatt to wear anything during the day--and unfortunately I can't remember why. Seems like they felt they did more harm than good but they had more specific reasons than that. Good luck! I know somedays it is hard to know what to do, what not to do, etc.! Thanks heavens for this board--maybe there are boys out there that use day time "braces" and have had great results. Hope Carter is doing well! It's been a while since we have chatted=) Jill
My PT is one who is trained to mold and fit for Cascade (the creator of the DAFO....improving from the traditional AFO). She has never questioned only using DAFO 3.5 only for night. Seph, who began wearing them at age 4 (barely 4) only wears at night and has never needed daytime. He can walk in his boots though, so going to the bathroom is not a problem.
I believe on the old message board there was discussion about how Dr. Wong feels about braces in teh daytime, especially in young boys. If i recall, she says that it taxes their muscles more with the braces and should not be done. Check it, but I think that is her feeling.
Joshua wears his AFO's at night, but they too are the solid molded ones. If they do get up to go to the washroom etc. though, they can have grips put on the bottom of them to make them easier and safer to walk in.

Avery has the DAFO Cascade 3.5 (script from Dr. Wong). We visited her in April and both she and the PT discussed why they don't advise wearing them during the day, but I don't recall the exact reasons either. I can't imagine the ones that Carter will be wearing would be for use during the day though because they don't have any flexibility and walking with them on is very awkward. I suppose they could be used if he was sitting and watching a movie, etc. or riding in a car for a long distance.

I will say that I have seen children with CP (at our local CCS office and special needs school) that have the same ones on during the day, but those children are typically also using a walker or other walking device.

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