When we got the diagnosis in March this year,obviously we where stunned and devestated but this has actually brought my husband and myself a lot closer. John and I have been seperated for 5 years after I suffered debilitating post natal depression (our 2nd son had to be fed thru a naso gastro tube and have physio every day after being diagnosed at 2 weeks old with floppy baby syndrome,but is now a lot better and the sportiest kid we know) but we have now reconciled and are more in love than ever.

Its amazing that such a sad event as having a child diagnosed with DMD can bring about such a wonderful positive event as bringing our family back together. All kids want Mummy and Daddy to get back together but ours have had their wishes fulfilled and couldn't be happier. I just wanted to share with people that there can be hope when you think there is none, I have never stopped loving my husband,we never got divorced and have always been close (albeit was a bit bitter for a while).

We are now planning for a long future together and can lean on each other in our dark times,which we all have. My philosophy with our son is that I bring some happiness into his life every single day and we see our time with him as a bonus,if he was hit by a truck we would have instant loss and although this is by no means easier,we have the opportunity to treasure each memory and learn from our mistakes and turn them into positive experiences. Each day my son does things that make me love him even more and another piece of my heart shatters as I think about the senselessness of this (I try not to go down the why us track). I am just grateful to be given another chance to have my "perfect" family. Love can't conquer all but it makes the trip a lot easier.

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Wow Jane, thanks for sharing. That is wonderful how positive this has been for you so far. I know that using the why not us track is something I have been using instead of why us has been helpful and with my faith in the God, I know that something wonderful will come out of our son's diagnosis too. We strive to be a close family and I have changed in many ways also. I have reached out more and I listen more and I love to talk to everyone and I want to make a difference in the MD world. I believe that by getting the MD community together, we can find the cure if it is meant to be.

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