My husband and I are having insurance issues and I need help. Our son saw Dr. Wong in April. At this time, we were unsure if insurance would pay to see Dr. Wong but went ahead with the visit because of the poor care we have recieved in GA. Dr. Wong feels that our son would benefit from having hamstring/hip releases so that he will be able to stand and possibly take a step or too. Here is our delima, our son is insured by GA Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Three days before our scheduled surgery, both insurance companies denied any out of state coverage for this disease. They both feel that our son can be treated here in GA. Furthermore, they feel that an orthopedic surgeon in Ga can do this surgery so why go out of state. Has anyone had to go through proving to the insurance that it is a must to be seen in Cincinnati by Dr. Wong and her team of specialist. I have provided the insurance company with Dr. Wong's letter about how special this disease is, etc but no one seems to understand. Please help me, I am abput to lose it.

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Deirdre -

I have not had this problem as our insurance (even previous insurance) covered Dr. Wong. I know we have never gotten GA Medicaid to pay a thing, though. You might talk to the MDA rep in Cincinnati - I know they will cover some clinic stuff that your insurance won't pay.

Also - Blake hasn't needed any surgeries, but there is an orthopedic doctor here who I would use in a heartbeat, and he followed Blake when he broke his leg. You'd have to drive into Atlanta to see this group, though. This guy has a special interest in DMD scoliosis, but obviously does all sorts of ortho since he treated Blake's leg (very well, I might add). His name is Dr. Robert Bruce and he is at Emory. I also know he sees patients at a couple different locations (maybe one closer to you) - the one we go to is right off of 85.


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