When Justin finishes his serial casting he will be getting new afo's. He had previously gotten hinged ones but then Cincy recommended another type. We got the ones Cincy recommended and they look so small for Justin. The part that comes up on the leg only comes mid-calf. His big toe hangs over a little also. To me they look like they were made for a toddler not a 10 y/o. Does anyone else have the afo's Cincy recommends? How do they fit on your son? I've wondered if it was the orthotist who did them or if this is how they all fit? Just trying to get all necessary information before we get fitted for another pair.


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There are the ones we use: http://www.dafo.com/images/editor/dafo9_softy_product_sheet_0806.pdf
And they are custom fit by an orthotist.
We recently had DAFO 3.5 model as recommended by Cinci. Leg only comes mid calf, but the toe should not hang over... the ortho has to custom fit to increase size. For my son, he actuaaly left some gap, so the toe is well inside to allow growth.
Ours are a 1 piece molded plastic, with the prescription from Dr. Wong. They are specially made to fit your child, so any age will work with them. Their toes won't hang over when they are made for him. Also, someone at a medical supply company came up with the idea of using a "sleeve" for a sock. What I bought typically fits on your arm under a cast or splint. It is super thin and you cut the desired length from a roll at the store. It is stretchy, will fit any size and is super light and comfortable and not scratchy. The best part is that you just leave the other open end (the part that will be near his toes) hang over the end of the splint and then, NO PROBLEMS WITH THE END SEAM OF A SOCK! Kelvin hates seams (and would want to adjust them too often), so there aren't any and it helps his foot breathe. They only cost a few bucks too and are washable. They don't look as good as socks, but sure beat them. Of course, you fit this on his leg and foot through one end of the sleeve and the other end are his toes. He has never complained about it and can't wear socks, they sweat too much. This is super easy to slide on too. If anyone needs more help on this, let me know. Michelle
Justin did have these afo's fitted to him. They just look so small on him. I was curious if other boys afo's fit like Justin's do. We use men's dress socks under his afo's.

Thanks for sharing info!
Does Justin only wear the AFO's during the night? Joshua has the solid molded ones, but only wears them at night. They should fit his feet and his toes should not hang over. If they are only for night time use, then fitting to the mid-calf doesn't matter. Concerns are only when they are leaving marks on the top of the calf and when the toes get too close to the end. As for day-time use, we aren't at that point yet.

Yes, Justin only wears them at night. The afo's dig into his calf on one of the legs and that bothers him. So when we go in I'll be sure to ask if we could get them a little higher so that we don't have that arguement to not wear them!!! As he gets older it is getting harder to get him to wear them.

They may not replace them... what they did for Josh was put padding along the edges of them. The top, and the sides. Does Justin know why he needs to wear them? Joshua went through a phase like that, although he's only 5 and Justin is 10. We told him that like when we do stretches, at night the boots slightly stretch his legs while he sleeps. It helped and we haven't had any complaints. Once the padding was on, there were no more marks being left on his legs either.

I am hoping that we will have increased his range of motion requiring us to have new afo's. Thanks for sharing with me.


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