I wanted to share a poem I wrote about my son Brandon with DMD

I just felt the need to sit down one night and write this from my heart:

This Mother's Life

It preys upon the innocent
Without a single clue

An unwanted future plan
Is waiting just for you

The primal fear of this mother's life
Is the loss of her precious son

The inability to make it right
And the fear of coming undone

This is a child, a child that is born
Experiencing normal things

Walking, running, goofing around
Climbing and swinging on swings

Then devastating muscle loss
Slows them down a bit

Instead of walking in the park
They'd stop and rather sit

Eventually the "trip and fall"
Brings bruises to their knees

For having the ability to walk
Was nothing but a tease

Finally, weakness sets in
Mobility becomes a must

His little legs have given out
His wheelchair will he trust

This mother screams a cry for help
For time is ticking by

His health will fail substantially
Without a cure, he'll die

I cling to hope so tightly
It cannot be the end

Desperation overcomes me
I'll lose my little best friend

Please fund this cause fully
I cannot lose my son

Please make a cure reality
His life has just begun.....

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I am sitting here in tears! Your poem is beautiful, and it says everything we are all feeling!
This is beautiful! And perfectly written.
Wow! Beautiful! Couldn't have said it better myself!

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