Does anybody have a service dog or thinking about getting one? I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on that.

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i have put in my paperwork for one. there is quite a wait and they don't like to give them to boys under the age of 7 as the boys should be able to care for the dog while they can. i think it is a great idea to have a companion like this! I hope we get ours within the next 2 years or so. My son is 6.5 now and would love to have a dog for just him that can help him with things instead of tearing up his stuff like our current dog!

We are in the process of getting all our paperwork (references) filled out for a service dog. They told us about a 1 year wait. My son has always grown up with a dog as we had/have 2 basset hounds for 14 yrs. We lost one in Jan. and our other one has been declining since. I fear she won't make it much longer. I can't imagine my son without a dog. He has always gravitated to them and they have a very calming effect on him. He is super affectionate with them. I think the service dog will be a great asset to my son both emotionally and physically.
We don't have one, but plan to in the future. We are waiting a while to apply for one. I feel if we went for one now, the dog would pass when my son really needed the help of one and we would have to try for another. Trying for another isn't the problem, but at the time the 1st one passed, i think my son would be attached and sad...and maybe not accept another one...a new dog just would not be the same friend...

so, we are waiting....
We've put in our application for one and are now on the waiting list. I was told 3 years or more for the wait. Sam is almost 6. We've been on the list for, I think, 6 months or so now. Should work out great. The place we applied also said that DMD boys get a little higher priority on the list.
This sounds terrible, but we are waiting for our cats to die before we put ourselves on the list for a dog. We also know Xavier is allergic to dogs (new allergy, just showed up on his testing this year) so we are hoping he will outgrow this allergy a bit. Otherwise we will have to do a bit more in depth testing to see what kind of dog we can get. Because of the steroid all testing has to be RAST as we can't do skin. Our daughter asks for a dog every single day...she is our dog lover..if I could I would buy her one in a second. This is one situation I feel bad because when we get a dog, it will not be hers. I know that they only give "companion" dogs to boys under the age of 14 (at least here in MN) that are crate trained, do not go to school with them unless the boy is very much in need of their services. The boys are expected to be the one's that feed them and take them out to the bathroom 3 times a day. If you don't keep up the training, they lose it, so alot of responsibility does fall on the parent, so as parents we have to be ready to take on the time investment of one more thing.
Jack had a presentation ceremony on Wednesday from Sam's Club and Milk Bone, sponsoring his dog through Canine Assistants in Georgia. He is first on the waiting list for September training or he is confirmed for November training. He is so excited!!!!

Ang :)
This has been talked about a few times on the other PPMD messageboard. I found the one below:
Bradley gets his in Sept. from Canine Assistant in Sept. We have to go to a 2 week training in GA. at Canine Assistants; then the service dog will come home with us on the airplane; will stay with us during the flight. We have been on the waiting list for what will be 3 years in August. So my advice is to go ahead and get the process going now. Some people get lucky and don't have to wait as long as we did.

Ang--Maybe Jack will get to go during the same training camp Bradley is scheduled for in Sept. It'll be just me and Bradley making the trip. We are very excited!
We have just found out Roland is getting his service dog from Canine Assistance in Georga. We have been on the list for 2 years, so I agree you should not wait to long to get on the list. Roland has several friends in East Texas who have dogs and he can't wait to get his. He will either go in November or January.
We have a service dog from Canine Assistance. We have had Jasmine for about 5yrs now. She is more a companion dog than service dog. however, she still does all her commands for us, and "takes care of" Justin, We can tell by the way she acts when he isnt feeling well or coming down with something. She has been his best friend and well worth the extra work they are!!

We have completed our application and now only have a face to face visit with Canine Companions, Florida chapter. It looks like we will have that in December and if all goes well we will be in Florida for the 2 week training deal in Feb.

My son is 10 and still mobil, for the most part he is doing great however has issues with picking things up off the floor, ect. We have been really impressed with Canine Companions and it hasn't been a long process at all. We probably would have gotten into the class this summer, however we had already planned a trip to California that couldn't be changed.
I found out today that Roland will be getting his dog from Canine Assistants in Atlanta in November.

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