By now you have probably checked out the Coach To Cure MD website, gotten a feel for all of the amazing things going on in the PPMD community to support Coach To Cure, and hopefully have gotten involved yourself. I wanted to take a moment, though, to recognize the people behind the scenes that are keeping the wheels of Coach To Cure MD turning.

CTC was the brain child of Brad Todd, brother of Rachel Poysky and uncle to Joel Poysky. The idea came to him after Joel was diagnosed and Brad was fed up with the feeling of helplessness we all go through after diagnosis. Last year, CTC debuted in a big way with over 200 universities participating, thousands of coaches, and a quarter of a million dollars raised. This year, we have more participating schools and coaches, and a whole grassroots effort that will take CTC to another level of awareness and fundraising with events at the high school and pee-wee level, from South Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between. Brad helps to head the Steering Committee and is a huge part of CTC’s day-to-day maintenance.

Also heading up the Steering Committee is PPMD’s Board Chairman John Killian. As if leading PPMD wasn’t enough of a time commitment, John has taken Coach To Cure under his wing as well. In fact, John was able to get Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, at the national level, to choose Coach To Cure as one of its causes, encouraging its 200+ chapters across the country to hold fundraising events on September 26.

Other members include Board Members John Keast, Bob McDonald, James Poysky, and Trent Spear; Head Captain of the Regional Captains Rachel Poysky; Brian Levin; and PPMD’s Kimberly Galberaith. This committee has met for weeks planning and preparing so that we can take advantage of the incredible visibility potential Coach To Cure offers.

We also are indebted to our Regional Captains – parents who have pledged to not only throw an event for CTC themselves, but who are recruiting other families and friends to throw events around the country. Each Regional Captain has a goal of sponsoring 10 events, and each event is aiming to raise $1000. With over a dozen Regional Captains in place, the earning potential is phenomenal – these are resources that will shape the future of Duchenne research.

Finally I want to recognize you. Maybe you are one of our Regional Captains. Maybe you are one of our Steering Committee members. Or maybe you are reading about Coach To Cure for the first time. Whatever the case, you can do so much to grow Coach To Cure in your own way, with as little effort or as much effort as you are able. Share the CTC video, make a donation, text a donation, spread the word on Facebook or Twitter, throw a party, reach out to your child’s school. And if you are already doing one of these things, maybe do something else as well.

Be creative, be proactive, and be part of the team! We are so grateful to everyone participating and are here to help if you have any questions about how you can get more involved!

Thank you to everyone on our team! Let's change the history of Duchenne on 9.26.09!

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Comment by Jacobs Mommom on August 24, 2009 at 10:16am
I will be delivering packets that I got from PPMD regarding Coach To Cure to my local college and high schools this week once school is open and I certainly can be a virtual volunteer. EVeryone knows someone who is into sports and can email them the instructions to text a donation.

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