As most of you know my son Jacob has been dealing with DMD since he was 4. Well we keep getting news and all of it bad I'm just wondering when does the bad news stop and we get some good news. 

On our last visit to the doctor it went as it usually does except for the fact that he had been sick for over a month. And the doctor cant explain why so we are having to wait a month to see a specialist for his lungs because they think they are to weak to fight a common cold. He is still fighting it now and its been close to a month since our visit so we have been fighting this for almost 3 months now. 

He is also being sent to a cardiologist again because he has LVH and just by listening to his heart you can hear the irregularity. How does this happen? 

Last week he was up walking around a little bit and this week he has been having a hard time just getting off his bed to go to the bathroom. I felt bad because i thought he was just trying to get attention by saying he couldn't walk to the door. how is it that one day our kids can be moving around and then the next day they can barely get out of the bed. What comes next when u hit this stage?

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Comment by danielle on December 2, 2014 at 4:56pm
im glad to hear you are well.
Comment by kimmy watters on November 30, 2014 at 5:37pm
i am so sorry danielle that you are going through this i will be praying kimmy. everything is well with me.

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