Another unwanted episode of ... "As the Vent Breathes"

I started having a problem last week with my Trilogy 100 vent. My doc (pulmologist) wanted to get to the bottom of it gave me 5mg of Ambien.
My options 1) get used to the Trilogy 2) try an LTV 950– already tried the LTV 800 and was used to it 3) put in cuffed trach (requires minor surgery – this I surely want to avoid). It’s been quite a challenge finding a new vent. The LP10 had been such a reliable machine for years.
Mom talked with my respiratory therapist and I'll be trying a LTV 950 which has a 'leak' setting. This should compensate the air leak around my trach. So, after some red tape, I finally got to sleep on the LTV 950. I thought it would be an easy transition since being on the LTV 800. Not really. A few different settings and a tubing setup. With the sensitivity turned down, I slept a bit better. Once I get more comfortable with the way the 950 breathes the better I’ll snooze.

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