12/7/10 It had been a frustrating experience using the LTV 800 ventilator for me, my mom and nurses. The sensitivity setting being #1 on my list—it just didn’t have the range to my comfort. At zero, I couldn’t trigger an extra breath. Turning it down to -1 was okay while I was upright, but when reclined the vent starts to cycle breaths fast, thus we turn it back to zero. The other con required 3 power cords: 1 A/C adapter and 2 external battery charger adapters (which are suggested to be plugged in when not in transport—via bedroom to dining room, etc, etc). Also, the LTV hung on the side of the wheelchair, making it a tight squeeze into my bedroom. Another problem was where to put the wheelchair once in bed. Usually, it is backed up parallel to the bed near the footboard so I could use the vent (LP10) with humidifier. The bedside vent (aka backup) has no humidifier and is used while I’m transferred by hoyer lift. Now the LTV was mounted inconveniently on the left wheelchair side. So it needed to be positioned closer to the middle of the bed so the tubing could reach. This might have caused some hazards like not being able to troubleshoot if tubing became disconnected. Some of my care involves using the right side of the bed. The solution was a second humidifier on the bedside vent. Made things a little better.

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