Later that afternoon, Laura held an in-service at my house for all my regular agency nurses to learn the vent. Done. Now it is my turn to feel comfortable on the new vent. A couple days later, I decided to go on it for a few minutes. With some vents there’s a breathing sensitivity setting (called “Patient Effort” on LP10’s) in which I can trigger the vent to initiate a breath. This helps if I need an extra breath. Especially it helps me to talk without too much of a delay in speech. Instead of “how are you doing today” with the sensitivity just right or “how are you (wait two seconds) doing today?” when it is not. So the sensitivity wasn’t feeling right this next trial. It became too sensitivity or none at all as we fiddled with the sensitivity setting. Dilemma: I shouldn’t settle for a vent I’m not comfortable with. We were given two LTV’s so why not try the other? And we did. This time the sensitivity was working better, not like the LP10, but better. The LTV 800 seemed like it would work for me.

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