Intro: We’ve been in the works of getting me new ventilators for over a year. The insurance company no longer wanted to pay for service on the two LP10 vents that we own (this wasn’t totally the case as you shall soon see). I’ve been using, Lincare’s, my supplier of respiratory care, rented LP10’s, which they can still get serviced. This is only temporary as the LP10 will be eventually phased out.

Finally my insurance approved new LTV 800 ventilators (LapTop Vent). But it’s not that simple for me to use them right away. First my respiratory therapist needed to be check off by Lincare that she’s competent with the LTV 800. Also other delays came involving the vendor sending the wrong vent cable and figuring a way to mount the vent to the side of my wheelchair and where to put the humidifier.

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